As a freelance software developer I have worked on the following projects so far:

  • Transfer of an application tool out of the series development as well as extension for the use in motorsport
    Technology: C++ (Qt)
  • Development of a toolkit for the application of motor control units in the motorsport sector
    Technology: C#
  • Development of a data analysis software in the motorsport sector
    Various analysis modules were developed to assess driver and vehicle and to perform rapid diagnostics next to the racetrack. The data were directly evaluated in the user interfaces as well as in relevant report documents.
    Technology: The software was mainly developed in Matlab, some modules were developed in JAVA. Additional tools for Windows were implemented in C#.
  • Development of a tool chain for the automatic code generation in the automotive industry
    The use of the tool chain is carried out company wide. Furthermore jointly responsible for the maintenance of this tool chain.
    Technology: The tool chain is based on Matlab / Simulink and the Real-Time-Workshop. Additionally, some modules were implemented in JAVA.
  • Development of a server software in the field of electromobility
    Data packets are received by mobile devices via GSM by means of Gateway and are then provided for further processing in XML format via FTP.
    Technology: The software was completely developed in Python for a Linux server system with database connection (MySQL).
  • Development of a server software in the SmartGrid environment
    Creation of a server framework to receive data from the control units of private households, to store and to process them. Development of various interfaces to communicate with the devices, to prepare and to store data and to provide them for further processing.
    Technology: This software was developed in Python for a Linux server system with database connection (MySQL). Some small tools were implemented for Windows in C#.

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